"Delavan Nursery Center is a lively, vibrant place that provides a wonderful first taste of school for 3 and 4-year-olds. As a speech/language pathologist, I see every day the ways that early learning sets the stage for school success.    

    Brain research shows that preschoolers learn language, self-regulation, and social interaction best through play activities. Delavan Nursery Center provides a language-rich, play-based environment with a rich tradition of getting children off to a great start in school.” 

JoAnne Tully, MS, CCC-SLP
oard Certified Speech/
Language Pathologist
Delavan, WI







Delavan Nursery Center
Sue Lefel, Director
Educating three and four year olds since 1965
Delavan Nursery Center proudly partners with DDSD

The Delavan Nursery Center has deepened their partnership with the Delavan Darien School District by opening a daycare inside of Wileman School.  As part of the Center School restructuring of the District, Wileman is the site of grades 4K and 5K.  The Delavan Nursery Center has a site in that building that provides wrap around care from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm.  4K students who are in the morning class can stay in the building for afternoon care.  Any students in the building can receive care from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The cost is $3.75 per hour. Both Delavan Nursery Center sites are YoungStar approved and accept Wisconsin Shares. Please contact either Wileman Elementary or Mrs. Lefel for additional details. 

Delavan Nursery Center

It is our purpose to provide a stimulating environment for the development of the preschool child. We celebrate individual differences and needs of each child and help each child to build a strong self-concept. Our enriched environment insures that our students are well-prepared for 5 year old kindergarten in any school.
Since 1965, our philosophy has remained the same.  We provide a child centered, stimulating environment with an emphasis on play. This approach encourages the development of 3 and 4 year old children in these areas:

1.  Approaches to Learning
2. Social and Emotional Development
3. Language Development, Literacy and Communcation Development
4. General Knowledge and Cognition
5. Physical Development and Health

Three year old preschool
The Delavan Nursery Center has a rich history of preparing three year olds for early education.  Every day begins with free play, then circle time, name tracing, and art.  It's a day just packed with learning opportunities for these little learners. 
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Since 2007 Delavan Nursery Center has offered an enriched program to the early learner; we call that program 4 year old Kindergarten.  The curriculum for this program follows the same learning criteria that is followed by local school districts. 
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