Delavan Nursery Center
Sue Lefel, Director
Educating three and four year olds since 1965
Delavan Nursery Center Staff
Teachers at the Delavan Nursery Center include 
Sue Lefel, Trish Kumlander and Jamie Seuser.

Delavan Nursery Center      
We are a Wisconsin state licensed early learning facility with  three year old preschool and four year old kindergarten programs. We are proudly entering into our 50th year of operation.  We are Young Star approved and follow the Delavan Darien school district calendar.  The curriculum reflectsWisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.  

Parents or interested parents are always welcome to observe the program in progress. There are a variety of formal opportunities to visit school.  You can come and spend the day with your child on Visitor's Day.  Also, there are two evening open houses.  In the fall we have  "Parents and Preschoolers Night" and in the spring we have "Family Open House."  At the end of the year, parents will be accompanying students on a field trip to Green Meadows farm.

In addition to visiting school, we prepare formal progress reports twice a year. This written report summarizes your child's progress and includes samples of your child's work.

Because not all children are the same, enrollment continues throughout the school year as long as there is room. We follow student teacher ratios in accordance with Wisconsin state guidelines. There is a one-time registration fee as well as a monthly fee based on the number of days your child attends.  Kid's Club is paid separately.


The Delavan Nursery Center was founded in 1965 by Ann Scott.  Mrs. Scott envisioned a school readiness program for young learners. Sue Lefel, who has been an early childhood educator since 1985, continues this rich tradition.  Like Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Lefel helps educate young learners through a variety of experiences that preschoolers think of as “just playing.”  For 49 years the Delavan Nursery Center has played a vital role in educating young learners in Walworth County.

The Delavan Nursery Center is housed in the building of St. Andrews School; however, it is a non-denominational privately-owned preschool. In 2007, the program was redefined to include a four year old kindergarten. The curriculum reflects Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.

For more information on the details of our curriculum, please open the attached PDF file and read on!

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