Delavan Nursery Center
Sue Lefel, Director
Educating three and four year olds since 1965
Three year old preschool
The Delavan Nursery Center has a rich history of preparing three year olds for early education.  Every day begins with free play, then circle time, name tracing, and art.  It's a day just packed with learning opportunities for these little learners.

Many parents feel overwhelmed when starting to talk about formal education for three year olds. Research says that the only learning a three year old needs is to learn to play.  That is why at the Delavan Nursery Center, we focus on play. Socialization is learned playing house, restaurant, cars, legos, or just squishing play dough with friends. Writing and fine motor development is taught by using markers, scissors, crayons or a Magna Doodle. Colors are taught by cutting shapes, working puzzles or looking at books. Every day we sing songs, clap hands and use our fingers to act out songs. This environment is gentle, creative and at a pace that works for the cute and curious three year old. 

Of course, you the parent are the best judge of what is right for your child and your family. That is why we offer classes two or three days a week. There is also a wrap-around program called Kids Club that can start as early as 8:00 and go until 3:00. This, too, includes rests, and snacks that help your three year old enjoy the day without getting too overwhelmed. 

In the nice weather, we play on the playground. In the not-so-nice weather, we have the opportunity to use the gym at St. Andrews to play active, age appropriate games. You are welcome anytime to talk with our teachers or to just observe a class.

 Call Sue Lefel today to discuss the three year old program at Delavan Nursery Center or email her at

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